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Where do dogs come from?

Melissa, a Miniature Pinscher, evolved from wolves like all dogs, but her breed is not one of the ancient breeds.

I’ve talked a lot about dog breeds and how to take care of your dogs, but what about the history of man’s best friend? Where did our canine companion come from?

All dogs evolved from domesticated wolves. Keep in mind it wasn’t a specific type of breeding that created dogs, simply evolution. This evolution has taken place between 40 and 150,000 years ago.

Every dog evolved from wolves, but they are a part of the Canidae group of animals which includes not only wolves, but also jackals, foxes, coyotes and dingoes.

Dogs first originated in the Middle East, found out because they seem to have more in common with the gray wolf that lives in that area than any other wolves. Although dogs began evolving at this time (some ancient breeds including the Siberian Husky, Afghan Hound and Alaskan Malamute), 80 percent of dog breeds today evolved within that last few hundred years.

Not only are new breeds evolving, but dogs are also growing more and more different from their wolf counterparts. They’re temperaments are progressively different, thus allowing them to be domesticated. As well they are growing to look more and more different from wolves as the species adapts to lives with humans.


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